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Covid-19 Safety Measures That We Take In Our Products

We are the No.1 Leather Jacket Sellers providing services online in this Covid-19 situation with free shipping at your doorstep. We have taken special precautionary measures to ensure that the products we deliver are free from any virus whatsoever.

As you know how the coronavirus conditions are prevailing, and people are trying to keep themselves safe from this fatal illness. You can learn more about it here from the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). 

Let me take you through every precaution we have taken to ensure the Disinfection of the products to minimize the spread of Novel Coronavirus Covid-19.

Covid-19 Precautionary Measures

So here are the special measures we are taking in this Covid-19 situation to ensure the safety of our customers:

1. Disinfection of the Factory and the Machines

This was the very first step that we took when this situation surfaced. We disinfected the factory and all the machines, so if there was any virus on the surfaces, it could be removed.

We regularly spray a disinfectant in the factory to make sure that no viral particles remain inside that can be harmful to our workers and the customers. We used powerful disinfecting sprays.

2. Coronavirus Tests

We conducted tests of all the workers and professionals to ensure no chance of the virus spreading from anywhere. We sent the workers on leave that had any symptoms or had a positive test report.

We conduct these tests every month to ensure there is no risk that our products can cause our customers’ issues.

3. Sterilization Machine

We have installed a Sterilization machine on the entrance from which the workers and any other person have to pass through to ensure they don’t take any viral particles inside the factory.

4. Hand Sanitizers

We have also placed the hand sanitizers at various spots for the workers to sanitize their hands now and then and make sure that they don’t become the reason for the disease’s spread.

5. N-95 Masks

We provided the best quality N-95 Masks to our workers, and they are obliged to wear them during work and outside to make sure they don’t catch any infection from the outside and spread it among the others. Covid-19

6. Nitrile Hand Gloves

The workers wear Nitrile Gloves while working on manufacturing High-quality Leather products like Leather Jackets, Leather Pants, etc.

These Nitrile gloves kill the germs when they touch their surface hence providing a very safe environment for the products to be manufactured perfectly. Covid-19

7. 6 Feet Distance

We have ensured a minimum distance of 6 feet between every worker to provide a more comfortable and safe environment. We made no compromise on the workers’ health; hence, there will be no compromise for the health of the customer.

A few updates about Covid-19

The spread of Covid-19 has been increasing at a very rapid rate. The cases have reached “14,372,416” since January, and there have been “279,005” Deaths till now. In the prevailing conditions, everyone must maintain some precautionary measures to ensure the spread is minimal, or else there will be a considerable loss.

The increasing velocity of SARS Novel Coronavirus in Chicago is proving to be very dangerous. The cases in Illinois have reached 770,088 cases and climbing. All the people have to be cautious if they want to survive this pandemic.

Summing Up

So here are the precautions we are taking to ensure that there is no outbreak of Covid-19 from our side. Are you taking any special measures and following the SOPs?? If not, you should, as it is a very serious situation and should not be taken lightly.

This is where I’ll take my leave. I came to tell you how we have planned everything, and you can rest assured that the quality of the products will be perfect with no risk of any virus.

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