FAQ! 22 Amazing Satisfactory Answers

We have tried to cover as much FAQ as possible. Nonetheless if we missed any of the FAQ. You can submit your question in the comment section at the bottom. We will get back to you and will forsure add your FAQ in our list.

Basically, the FAQs are prepared on the basis of questions that we usually, received. But each person has their own set of questions therefore we keep on adding the FAQs as and when these FAQs are asked. Most of the FAQs are answered after proper research and the FAQ is set as per our model of the FAQ. We have given proper attention to every FAQ and to reply that FAQ based on the situation of that particular seller.

1- What is Leather Jacket Collection?

FAQ! of Leather Jacket Collection. Originally, the Leather Jacket Collection manufactures leather jackets and other clothing. Besides the Leather Jacket Collection is an Online Marketplace from where you can sell your products internationally or can also start a new Private Label. We have made it very affordable for the people who lack the resources for manufacturing.

2- Can we start a store even if we don’t have the manufacturing resources, investments?

This is the most FAQ persons who have signed in. Yes, If you are a creative person but don’t have the resources like a manufacturing facility or investment to start your own private label, you can provide us your ideas and we will manufacture and ship them for you. This an awesome opportunity for people who are capable and wanted to convert their idea into physical appearance.

3- Do we have to worry about manufacturing and shipping?

If you are starting out with us on behalf of your ideas, you don’t have to worry about the manufacturing and shipping as we have made it very convenient for such people/companies. But, if you already have a brand, you’ll be responsible for manufacturing and shipping.

4- Who will be responsible for making the sample?

The Leather Jacket Collection will be responsible for fabricating the desired sample.

5- Who will be responsible for the photo-shoot to display on the website?

The Leather Jacket Collection, will be responsible for the photo-shoot and display them for you, however, content title will be your responsibility.

If you require these services these services are also available upon nominal charges.

6- Who will invest in the ordered item &/or Sampling cost?

If you are a creative seller, all the amount from its manufacturing to shipping will be spent by The Leather Jacket Collection.

7- Who will be responsible for the return?

The Leather Jacket Collection itself will be responsible for the shipping and returning of the orders that are being manufactured by us on our facility. Otherwise it will be your responsibility.

8- How much will be the charge of commission by Leather Jacket Collection?

Only 20% of the invoice amount will be charged as a commission by The Leather Jacket Collection as a commission.

9- Which types of clothes can I sell on Leather Jacket Collection?

This marketplace was made for only Leather products but now we have expanded it to add any type of fascinating clothing that people will love and buy.

You can sell any kind of Knitted/crotched or Woven fabric either it is man-made fiber or natural fabric. We have enlarged our marketplace now so that people can have a wide variety of clothes to choose from.

10- Is there any Registration Fee while making a store on Leather Jacket Collection?

No there are no hidden charges for the people who are interested in JOINING US and start a new store. It is an online marketplace where you can create a store with ease free of cost.

11- Why should I choose Leather Jacket Collection over Amazon?

Yes, we are not at the level of Amazon but we are an Evolving marketplace specially made for Private labelers. There is currently very little competition on Leather Jacket Collection so you can easily make a prominent online presence.

12- What makes Leather Jacket Collection Different?

The major point at which our marketplace differs from others is that we are giving a chance to the people who have a creative mind and can create some amazing styles for jackets and other clothing.

They will give us their ideas and we will manufacture and sell them on their behalf and they will get all the profit gained.

13- What is the vision of the Leather Jacket Collection?

Leather Jacket Collection aims to provide opportunities to people who have the ability to produce some amazing designs and ideas but don’t have the necessary experience and that amount of money to get started with.

Such people can register themselves on Leather Jacket Collection and make a name for their brand worldwide. If you have the skills come to join us at Leather Jacket Collection.

14- How to get registered on Leather Jacket Collection?

The registration process is quite easy as you just have to provide some basic details and your store will be created. Follow the steps from this article. It will show you step by step, how you can register and Create a Store with ease. If you find it difficult please CLICK here to get a detailed explanation on the subject.


15- How to manage our store?

The store has been made convenient so that anyone can use it easily. You can read this Article. It will guide you step by step on how to use and manage your online store. It is extremely simple.

16- What pushed us to start this marketplace?

I started this marketplace because I was also a person who had brilliant ideas and creativity but had to work really hard to collect resources. I want to give a life-changing chance to those people as they are deserving.

17- Can I sell my own products?

Yes, if you already have a brand and manufacturing unit and want to get your products recognized and sold internationally then you can also join us by following a few simple steps explained in the article. The manufacturing and Shipping will be your own responsibility. We are just providing a platform for such brands.

18- Do we have to send our products to the Leather Jacket Collection warehouse?

No, we don’t take this responsibility right now due to prevailing situation in future you will be updated if anyone interested in being need of storage facility. If you are manufacturing your products by yourself, shipping and return of goods will all be your responsibility.

19- How can I add products to my store?

It is actually very easy. Just read out the last portion of this article and you will be completely enlightened by how you can efficiently add products to your store.

If you need assistance to facilitate you in adding your product, creating a SEO friendly titles, and content.

We can provide you that service also upon a nominal charge of amount.

20- Do I need knowledge of SEO and WordPress?

No, it is not mandatory to have SEO or WordPress knowledge the site is user-friendly it is something you are working on Amazon, eBay, or ETSY.

However, we are always there to facilitate you upon your need. We can assist you upon a nominal charge and trouble shoot your problem.

21- How does Leather Jacket Collection promote the products?

We use different technologies to promote our products such as using SEO techniques, through social media pages, giving away free coupon codes, special discounts, and Sales. All these things attract viewers and visitors that convert into customers and generate sales.

However, we will be launching a Google and Facebook PPC service soon to facilitate our customer.

22- What is our vision?

Covering all the FAQs. Our vision is to empower those who don’t have the required assets to start their own private label but have the ability to design fascinating and amazing clothes including jackets, pants, shirts, and many more. If you still something in your mind pls contact us or leave us a comment below we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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